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Octuplet mother hires Killeen Furtney Group

LOS ANGELES: Nadya Suleman, mother of the octuplets born in January, hired Killeen Furtney Group on January 30 for crisis communications management and media relations. The Los Angeles-based firm was selected from three others, said Joann Killeen, president of Killeen Furtney Group.

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  1. Bridget Quinn on February 11th, 2009

    I hope that no one ever uses the services of the killeen furtney group again. They should be more than ashamed of themselves for representing that piece of trash octuplet mom.

  2. Mary on February 11th, 2009

    Nadya Suliman and Joann Killeen should both be ashamed of themselves.

    How much of the “donations” are going towards the PR?


  3. Linda on February 11th, 2009

    You should be ashamed of your self supporting this woman for selling out her children and asking for money.

  4. TJ on February 11th, 2009

    I’d like to know how she can afford to hire publicists when she has been living on disability, student loans, and the generosity of her parents.

  5. Lee on February 11th, 2009

    There appears to be a serious lack of family planning and responsibility in Nadya’s life. Children’s basic needs should not be societies responsibility to support. Welcome to parenthood!!

  6. Bob on February 11th, 2009

    She’s going to need a PR firm with the situation she’s in.

  7. john on February 12th, 2009

    she don’t need any more PR than she already has. You may want to adopt some of her kids. that will help

  8. Buche de Noel on February 12th, 2009

    Are you kidding me? Are you a PR group or a national damage ctrl outfit? This deranged and irresponsible creature had a LITTER on public money. She’s a pariah for pete’s sake. I hope you got paid up front because her (and your) fantasy world is about to reach critical mass? Pro bono? That’s nice of you in theory but to enable her in any way points to YOUR lack of integrity. I hope you have a lot of legitimate capital because this gal will bring you down, down, down. I don’t live in Cali but have relatives and friends who do. THEY are LIVID about this creature whose rental income uterus has made her someone to revile and condemn and NOT to assist in ANY WAY.

  9. Caryn on February 12th, 2009

    Looks like the Killeen Furtney Group is just looking for $$$ like Nadya is. I cannot believe they could represent such a person who is mentally incompetent.

  10. Kyle Weiss on February 12th, 2009

    I notice it says “hired,” not Killeen Furtney Group ‘donated.’ …she’s essentially begging for money, but how is she paying for a PR group? This woman is something else…


  11. Eric on February 12th, 2009

    is this a pro-bono project? who’s paying for this? Another burden on the taxpayers?

  12. Sally on February 12th, 2009

    I wonder if the doctor who did the in vitro is paying for it….

  13. lorna anderson on February 12th, 2009

    I knew this woman was selfish and living off other peoples hard working money. I will boycott any business that supports or helps her. I pray daily the state will do the right thing and take these children away from this irresponsible woman.

  14. Susan on February 12th, 2009

    and how is she paying the Killeen Furtney group for their services?

  15. MM on February 12th, 2009

    The whole situation with the octuplet mother is sickening. The fact you are soliticing money on her behalf is more sickening. I truly hope you fail miserably. I hope you lose a tremendous amount of business because of this.

  16. MD on February 12th, 2009

    Where is the mother getting the money to hire you as a communications consultant for her? We out here in the world don’t understand how she can afford all the fertility medical stuff that enabled here to have this many children. We also don’t understand how human services allow her to keep her children when she is receiving government monies. This is the height of wasteful spending. Please address these issues in your communications consulting.

  17. Mary Walker on February 12th, 2009

    I have just read your opposing view in USA Today dated Tues. Feb. 10. You said the mother deserves tolerance. Nowhere in your response did you justify why the MOTHER deserves tolerance.

    She has had all these babies so that she doesn’t have to work. She has become the portrait of the most modern “Welfare Queen”.

    Nowhere in the article did you state how she will pay the medical bills. How will she??? Counselors are not paid huge amounts. IF and when she gets a paid job as a counselor she will have to use her whole paycheck to support the children.

    Please explain why the MOTHER deserves tolerance!!!!

  18. Jon Chisholm on February 12th, 2009

    I thought this was a country of free speech. Is this another example of the thought police? You offer an opportunity to express my opinion, so how dare you sensor me!!
    MY comments should NOT be “awaiting moderation” under any circumstances. I know what I said and don’t require ANY alteration. Farewell to freedom and welcome Fascism.

  19. Val on February 12th, 2009

    Obviously Killeen Furtney prefers negative publicity about their company. By choosing to associate with an unstable female who carelessly brought 14 kids in the world that she CANNOT AFFORD,Killeen Furtney is no better than she is.

  20. Tippi on February 12th, 2009

    And who is paying for their services? Don’t tell me…. she is paying for it from all that “disability” money she’s been receiving… money that should have gone to provide for her children.

  21. Maria Henderson on February 13th, 2009

    How are the 8 babies? Are they thriving? When will you show more pics on website? Best wishes to Nadya and the kids. Stay strong.

  22. anne cueria on February 14th, 2009

    I will refuse to use any product or service that this firm represents. Asking me for my Cash? Nayda and the Killeen Furtney Group are both mental! Who do you think you are fooling with that website?

  23. Ray on February 14th, 2009

    …and she afforded to hire a publicist how? and she is going to pay the medical bills how? oh, right! she’s not paying them, WE are paying them. the state needs to remove all her children from the home and encourage her to get counseling.

  24. Ed Willers on February 16th, 2009

    The tone of this release certainly doesn’t jibe with other stories saying that Killeen Furtney was representing Suleman _pro bono_.

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