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Ricochet Public Relations CEO leaves to start firm

NEW YORK: Todd Aydelotte, founder and president of Ricochet Public Relations, has stepped in as CEO of the New York-based firm after former CEO Joshua Silverman left to start a consulting firm in mid-January. Silverman announced his departure to the Ricochet staff in November 2008 and is now partnering with Charlie Young, a former SVP of corporate marketing at WellPoint and SVP of marketing at Tyco International, on Lighstream Parnters, a consulting firm based in Norwalk, CT. Silverman and Young worked together on the WellPoint account. Ricochet is AOR for WellPoint.

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  1. Nicole on March 5th, 2009

    The pint-size brains behind this mickey mouse operation has left the building. Ricochet will be out of business pretty soon. Look for Wellpoint to appoint a new AOR pretty darn soon.

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