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Novartis Vaccines’ flu campaign underway

CAMBRIDGE, MA: Novartis Vaccines launched a flu campaign in September with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Flu Busters to encourage children, their families, and teachers to get flu vaccinations through February 2009. The campaign, called “Let’s Fight Flu Together!” will hold 600 clinics in the US. For each vaccination administered by Flu Busters, a vaccination provider, the company will give a donation to the local PTA. It is the first year that Novartis Vaccines, which has a portfolio of five flu vaccines, has partnered with the PTA; it is the sixth year the company has worked with Flu Busters. Ruder Finn, AOR for Novartis Vaccines, is providing support. Media outreach includes health and education reporters at local news outlets and calendar listings editors. Budget was not available. It is the first year the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended children, age 5 to 18 years old, get vaccinated.

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